Previous Grant Recipients


City of East Bethel Parks Dept., East Bethel, MN  
for: help in building an outdoor horse show facility on unused park land, with a show arena, announcers stand, food stand, warm-up area, and trailer parking area. The total budget for this phase of this parks development project is $30,000. $7000 matched by MHC.

Equul Access Inc., Hutchinson, MN
for: purchase panels to build an outdoor riding arena, to add to their indoor one. MHC donates $7000.

LeSueur County Fair, Le Centre, MN
for: materials for replacing storm-damaged outdoor arena fence & building announcer’s stand. (Materials only, they will do the construction work.)
MHC donated $7,000

Minnesota State Fair Foundation, St. Paul, MN
for: replacing the overhead doors leading into the horse barn. The existing doors were installed in 1940 when the WPA built the barn; they have been repaired often over the years but now need to be completely replaced. Total cost: $18,500.
MHC donated $7,000 (matched)

RideAbility, Pine Island, MN
for: adding a therapeutic carriage driving portion to their therapeutic program.
MHC donated $7,000

Freeborn Cnty Fair/Sunset Saddle Club, Albert Lea, MN
for: replacing old outdoor arena fence with new steel fence panels, and renovating wooden bleachers to bring them up to current safety code.
MHC donated $6,000

The Learning Stable, Aitkin, MN
for: equipment & supplies to expand riding pgms & after-school intro program.
MHC donated $5,500

Sandstone Riders Saddle Club, Sandstone, MN
for: materials to build a new steel panel arena fence (old fence will be used for a warm-up arena) for their horse show/rodeo facility. (Materials only, they will do the construction work.) This is 2/3rd of the cost, they have already raised 1/3rd.
MHC donated $5,000 (matched)

Double Bit Riders Saddle Club & Anoka County Riders Saddle Club, St. Francis, MN
for: purchasing show supplies (poles, barrels, cones, jumps) and electronics (timers, PA system, scoreboard, etc.) plus we will match funds they raise locally for an enclosed cargo trailer to store & transport these items.
MHC donated $4,521 (matched)

Riders of Victory, Solway (west of Bemidji), MN
for: purchasing equipment (ramp & mounting platform, helmets, sound system, & additional panels for arena fence) for their therapeutic riding program.
MHC donated $3,500

Rising Stars Therapeutic Equitation, Little Falls, MN
for: improving facilities & instructional materials for therapeutic riding program.
MHC donated $3,500

St. Louis County Fair, Chisholm, MN
for: adding lighting to outdoor horse show arena & warm-up area, & bleachers.
MHC donated $3,500

Prairie Riders Saddle Club, Lynd, MN
for: materials to build outdoor arena for ranch rodeo events & horse shows. (Materials only, they will do the construction work.)
MHC donated $3,048

Agape Acres, Rosemount, MN
for: help in obtaining NAHRA Certification of an instructor for their program.
MHC donated $3,000

Rochester Regional Equestrian Center, Rochester, MN
for: materials & textbooks to help develop a series of 5 equestrian workshops.
MHC donated $3,000

Clearwater County Ag. Society, Bagley, MN
for: materials to replace tie stalls in Fairgrounds horse barn with new box stalls. (Materials only, work will be done by 4-H horse group & County Fair Board. Grant is only ¼ of total cost, remainder of funds were raised by local donations.)
MHC donated $2,400 (matched)

Rainy River Riders Saddle Club, Ada, MN
for: materials for building new covered spectator bleachers at their horse show facility. (Materials only, they will do the construction work.)
MHC donated $827


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